Product Support

Applying Decals

  1. The air and surface temperature must be at least 50 degrees F. to apply a decal.
  2. Clean and dry the surface of the item that you are applying the decal to.
  3. Turn the decal face down and slowly remove the paper on the back.
  4. Place the top edge of the sticky tape onto the surface, holding the bottom edge away from the surface. 
  5. When you are satisfied with the position, rub the decal and cover tape down with your fingers or a credit card.
  6. Start from the top and work toward the bottom, applying sufficient pressure to adhere the decal securely.
  7. The decal will remain on the surface while you slowly peel off the cover tape at a low angle. 
  8. The clear tape must be removed!
  9. Use your fingers to work out any bubbles.  You may pop larger air bubbles with a small pin. 


Decal Removal

  1. Apply heat to the decal either by putting it in direct sunlight or by using a hairdryer.
  2. Simultaneously use your thumb and forefinger to pick away at the decal.  More will come off at a time if you pull it gently at a low angle.
  3. Remove any remaining adhesive with Goo be Gone or other mild adhesive remover.
  4. If you are putting another decal in the same spot, remove all traces of the adhesive remover and allow to dry completely before applying the new decal.


Magnet Care

1. Clean and dry both the magnet and the surface that it will be applied to. 

2. Place the warm, dry magnet on your vehicle and make sure it lays flat and there are no air bubbles underneath. Never apply a cold magnet to a vehicle.            

3. Remove the magnet and clean it when going through a car wash.

4. Put the dry magnet on the vehicle in a slightly different location.

 5. Magnets will not adhere to aluminum, fiberglass or glass.

 6. Sign Barn is not responsible for theft or loss of your magnet.


Sign Care 

Our signs are made from solid PVC and will withstand the outdoor elements.  Here are some tips for caring for your sign:

         1. Clean the sign often with a mild cleaner and soft cloth.   

         2. Do not apply varnish to the sign.   

         3.  Do not tack holiday ornaments to your sign.

         4. Keep the sign in a protective package until ready to install.